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Learn to Process Hard Times,  Grief, and Emotions with God

...even if you're not sure where to begin

We Have All Lost Something...

A loved one, a childhood, a job, a sense of peace, our confidence, our joy.  Unprocessed grief, or other difficult emotions, cause us to feel “stuck.” Essentially, we’ve put our foot on the brakes and are unable to truly heal.  Each of us is responsible to take our foot off the brake and move forward again. 

Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives (people who are “stuck”) FREE.  Connect to Him in a more powerful way to gain the courage and understanding to take your foot of the brake, and experience peace. 

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Hello, I'm Donny

My name is Donny Godsey. Four years ago, I lost my son. My wife and I found ourselves wrestling with unimaginable grief. I sought help through “asking God better questions”, and the results were life changing.   Although I had previous training in Scripture, ministry, and psychology, God opened a completely new awareness of what is possible with Him as the "Wonderful Counselor." It wasn't just theory anymore. I began to work with others, teaching them the same tools the Lord revealed to me. The more I worked with others, the more the doubts rolled away. 

I am super thankful that I learned how to connect to God differently as well as see conflict, pain, emotions, spiritual warfare, healing, peace, and power in a new light.  Jesus gets the credit and the glory! With these new insights from Him, I could see what others were missing and could lead them out of being frustrated and stuck by having them ask Jesus better questions.

It is our mission to share that understanding with the world through Journey Tools. 

Journey Tools

Journey tools is a 60 day online experience that helps you overcome grief by learning to have powerful, efficient conversations with God.

With Journey Tools, you'll learn to: 

  • Have more meaningful conversations with God to increase Divine guidance
  • Recognize immediate feedback from things happening to you right now, in this moment
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and learn to forgive 
  • Strengthen your relationship with Jesus so that you may strengthen your relationships with others
  • Walk in a deeper understanding of your identity in Christ
  • Engage God in such a way that addictions can’t compete

All The Tools You Need To Have Powerful, Efficient Conversations with God

Get more, and get it faster. Journey Tools is organized into four general tool sets, each taking on a specific set of issues. Learn them all. Use them all.

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7 Compass Tools

Learn how to receive immediate feedback from God on things you're currently experiencing, right now, in this moment.

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The FED map allows you to combat limiting beliefs by tackling elements of your past that influence your present. 


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Building and Breaking

The Building and Breaking tools setup strategic, equipping conversations with Jesus for real freedom from addictions, heartbreak, grief, and other tough to beat issues.

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Relational Pathways

We explore relational healing with our Savior. Getting our pathways with Him detoxed first opens up the opportunity to take walls down in our pathways with others. 

Healing If You Want It

It is my sincere desire that you get everything Jesus died to give you - including relational healing and confidence in using these tools and processes for yourself and others. These resources are powerful in teaching you to lean on God for solutions, and are more efficient than ANYTHING we have ever seen when used correctly.

It is my honor to show you what the Lord has shown me. Stop being bullied by your emotions and enjoy true peace.

Journey Tools is a 60 day online experience.  Every day you'll receive short (3-8 minute) powerful videos and journaling prompts via email. 

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Participant Reviews For Journey Tools

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Danna Warren - Client

"When I tried the Journey Tools, I thought that I was only going to deal with just the grief of our son’s death. Little did I know that the tools would allow me and God to go much deeper than I had ever experienced.

There is just something mind blowing about God stepping in after years of confusion, sorrow, fear and anger and having Him quickly bring clarity to a situation that had weighed me down since childhood."

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Elizabeth Estes - Client

"I had fallen into a pattern of stuffing the hard feelings down inside, but I wasn't properly dealing with them. It is inevitable that they will surface sooner or later, and I was tired of being crushed each time they did.

The tools he shared have been very helpful in unpacking the deeper hurts behind grief and unforgiveness, and now I feel like I have what I need to move forward constructively with the Lord."

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Lesa Jeffries - Life Coach

"I have to say that I use the Journey Tools daily with our clients! We now cover a lot more ground in the spiritual growth part of our program and it takes the pressure off of me to supply ‘answers’. This teaching is so much more efficient, freeing, and powerful than what was available in the past. From the minute I grasped the concept of the simplicity of these steps I was able to use it in several incidents with myself and with ministering to others."

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Anonymous - Client

"Almost immediately after each question I asked God, He would give me the answer whether that was through a mental picture or just something impressed upon my heart."

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Scott Wolfe - Minister

"Donny's tools will help you break through enemy lines, cut through emotional and mental distortions (the lies we tell ourselves), and reach a place of spiritual discernment where you can choose the life God intended."

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Anonymous - Client

"Having someone from Cross Care Ministries guide me in how to simply ask God the questions I had about my life or answers I couldn’t figure out was a huge thing for me because I feel like we make communication with God so difficult!!"

Journey Tools Online Experience

Ready for more? Engage God daily in a 60 day online experience where we send short, powerful 3-8 minute videos to your email.